Your web presence is often vital to your business. We offer a comprehensive range of web services, from something as simple as looking after your domain and making sure it’s safe to creating a beautiful web site and integrating your Magento or WooCommerce web shop into your accounting and ERP system using API’s. 

Web Services

Secure your Domain

Your business domain is vital; it channels your email, points to your websites that present you to the world, identifies your e-commerce sites and generally lies at the very core of your organisations identity. But despite its importance it is often overlooked and ignored – until something happens …

Protecting your domain with our domain management service will automatically renew your domain (so it never expires accidentally) and lets you change mail or web pointers with a single call or email to our support team; you never have to touch your DNS or run the minefield of hazards this can entail.

A Host for every Occassion

When you are on good terms with the guys writing the web site most people tend to let them host the site for you. This is the simplest way of doing it and the one person is responsible for the operation of the site; so if something goes wrong, there are fewer people to blame.

The down side of this, as many of you have found, is that if you fall out with your web developer they have all the cards and often the only access to the code behind your web site.

Prevent this by having your knowledgeable, local support team organise the hosting for you. We have two options; basic hosting for simpler sites offered through SiteGround and advanced hosting for more complex and e-commerce requirements offered on our own hosted servers.


Create a new website

If you are looking for a new website then you will need a partner you can work with. We understand that no-one knows your business better than you do. We will work with you to build content and create a stunning website using the latest WordPress content manager.

So if you don’t fancy the low cost website design model of answering some basic questions, cutting and pasting some content and waiting for an overseas coder to get back to you some weeks (or months) later, then we are the choice for you.

We will sit with you and build your website as you watch. You won’t have to ask us how it’s coming along since you will have access to your part finished website at all times during its development and you will be able to see the progress for yourself. It’s a better way to work, more open, more transparent and more interactive.

How about a web shop?

When the time comes for you to join the internet trading revolution, business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) we offer both the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce and Magento.

When you have a relatively small number of products, WooCommerce is likely to be the ideal choice for you. As the numbers increase it is hard to beat the power of Magento for its ability to manage high product volumes.

Both platforms are hosted on our own platforms allowing us to offer the highest level of security and recoverability. Using 5 minute virtual snapshots we can recover a damaged website back to any previous time period and you can do this with a simple phone call or email to the support team; no call centres, no hassle.