Professional Services

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Tools without the skills to use them are not an investment, they are an expense

The umbrella classification of what constitutes professional services can get complicated, but we have a simple definition. It is anything that involves labour (our time) that is not support.

This covers a number of functions and disciplines, but they are all supplied at a single prices. We find this to be the simplest and most transparent pricing policy; no matter what we do you will always be charged the same daily rate; simple by design.

£ Professional Services
  • Any travelling or hotel expenses will be reclaimed at cost
£ 850 per day

Project management & Implementation Services

AMAS It specialise in the design and implementation of integrated on-premise and cloud wide area networks. We design security, stability and recoverability into networks that run your most critical business systems and hold your most vital data.

We also supply, implement and support accounting and ERP solutions into the SME market and have done so for over 25 years. Today AMAS IT is the Interprise Regional Support Desk for Scotland providing the highest level of expertise and product knowledge. However, over the years we have also been Sage 100 and Sage 200 dealers and developers, Pegasus Opera dealers, Tetra 2000 dealers, suppliers of Sun Accounts …


Analyse this?

Why do you need an analyst? Business life is complicated and it’s not getting any simpler. Technology evolves quickly and options seem split between on-premise and cloud alternatives. While everyone universally accepts that technology can be good for a business, its complexity and relative expense makes getting the right application of technology critical for your business success.

No matter how much you might want to, it is simply not practical for 99% of businesses to employ full time ‘technology experts’ in every area they need them. That leaves you with two options – make use of the best advice you have in house and hope you get it right, or employ the expertise of a specialist consultant and make sure you get it right.

A Partnership Not A Lecture

While a consultant may have expertise in the latest technology he is unlikely to know your market better than you and will certainly not have the working knowledge of your business. Only by combining your knowledge of your industry and business with our expertise in the latest technology can we ensure the best solution to meet the needs of your business and provide the best return on your investment.

Train the trainer

AMAS IT offers a range of application specific courses based around the concept of train the trainer. By teaching a few we enable this group to disseminate their training and knowledge through your business. We tailor applications training around your business processes to let you get the most benefit for your business.

It has been said that tools without the skills to use them are not an investment, they are an expense. Since you invested in IT applications to obtain a business advantage you must be able to use them effectively in order to achieve your objectives and gain an appropriate return on your business solution.

Disaster Recovery

Survive the Unthinkable

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

It may be an old cliché, but it is never more true than when the worst does happen and you have no Disaster Recovery Plan. Having accurate network documentation and a fixed plan for a disaster happening ensures that you can survive the disaster and recover quickly.

While no one likes the idea of paying for something they may never use, we like the idea of losing business critical systems even less – if the worst does happen then no amount of investment would have been too much.

In almost all cases the detailed review of your system involved in making up this plan will highlight weaknesses in your system. We produce a comprehensive series of recommendations showing how you can overcome these issues.

For larger clients or those who require absolute continuity of business we will be happy to set up all communications links and hardware redundancy at your chosen alternative sites.

What's in a Plan?

The Disaster Recovery plan details every critical aspect of your on-premise and cloud resources. It identifies critical applications and storage (and their backups), provides a plan for recovering these resources in the event of failure and includes all the vital passwords and security configurations you need to recover routers and managed switches.

It goes hand in hand with the requirements of Cyber Essentials and meets the recoverability and business continuity requirements for your professional and quality standards.

Interprise Implementation Services


AMAS IT is the  Interprise Regional Support Desk for Scotland, Ireland and Northern England providing the highest level of expertise and product knowledge. We will help you get the most from your Interprise solution.

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Customise & Integrate

Interprise is flexible and because of this it can be customised to meet the exact needs of its users. To help you achieve this you may want us to customise screen layouts, add custom fields and tables, hide sections and menu options, choose what fields you view on dashboards and which you use for searching. You may want report modification, develop custom plug-ins to perform particular task or possibly to integrate Interprise with other systems


Data Conversion & Migration

Using the Interprise Suite data import wizards uploading your static data is a breeze (i.e. customers, suppliers, stock, opening Balances and so on). We have templates already created for most popular products, but no matter which system you currently use (even older bespoke systems) we can extract the data and assist you in cleaning and importing the information.


Output & Reporting (B.I.)

Interprise Suite comes with hundreds of predefined reports which you can customise easily or even generate new reports using the New Report or Document Wizard. Each module (such as Customer, Supplier etc.) has a Reporting and Business Intelligence Dashboards. We also install Interactive Reporting, a web based BI system which you can access from anywhere giving speedy real-time aggregated reports, pivot tables, charts, graphs etc.


Systems Analysis & Design

To make sure we deliver what you need and you know what you are getting, we will do a Scope document. You may wish to employ external Consultants to do this which is great but it can be costly. As part of our service we have this expertise in house and we will spend as much time as is necessary prior to the implementation, analysing your business requirements, designing the correct workflow and documenting configuration and customisation requirements.


Training & Implementation

We provide One-To-One, Classroom and Train-The-Trainer training, or a combination depending on your wishes. Training and Implementation tends to crossover. Frequently during training we establish you need some changes made to the configuration which we do there and then. Document Layouts such as Invoices are tweaked to perfection. The result; you will have all the knowledge you require to use and manage the system efficiently before actually going live.


Full Project Management

Project Management is vital. The success or failure of any project like this is attributed to the Management of the Project. It is important to coordinate with all disciplines, and people to ensure each stage of the project is planned and completed before the next step is carried out. For example there is no point in training staff using demonstration data. We convert your live data first. This is a service we include free of charge.