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Interprise comes resplendent with a full host of modular reports and some pretty advanced credit control functionality as standard. A report generator allows you to amend existing reports or document templates and to produce your own reports should you need something a little different.

Interactive reporting takes data analysis to the next level. Starting from a single web page interface you can instantly analyse any aspect of your business in real-time, on-line, anywhere, any time. From a top-level summary you can drill down into the underlying detail, allowing you to better understand your business dynamics in order to increase efficiency, make timely and correct decisions, all based on accurate information.

Big Ideas for Big Data

Read anything, Analyse eveything

Interactive reporting can read virtually every data type, sort this data from multiple sources and produce dynamic multidimensional reports, analytics, dashboards, charts and visualisations – in just a few clicks. Interactive Reporting is a comprehensive web-based Business Intelligence (BI) solution so can be run on any web browser, from anywhere in the world with the highest levels of security and data encryption.

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Are you tired of stitching your reports together in spreadsheets?

Interactive Reporting specialises in the analysis of business data and the company was started with a vision that analysing information should not be a difficult task. We believe companies should not have to pay a premium to implement a BI solution and so we have developed a series of solutions to help companies better understand the key factors that drive performance within their organisation. We believe every company should have this information readily available to stay

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Interactive Reporting’s unique two step Template and Mapping design ensures rapid deployment of a best-in-class solution across the web.  Interprise is mapped as standard with many other out-of the box Solution Packs to choose from;  we can quickly connect Interactive Reporting to virtually any application or business system.

Interactive Reporting is a complete analysis solution designed for business users – not IT. From a one page user interface, Interactive Reporting delivers powerful ad hoc and multi-dimensional analysis, drill down, graphing, and easy integration with any data source … all with the underlying Security you would expect from a leading software provider.

You can decide whether you want the advantages of a subscription-based pricing or a traditional one off software licensing fee.  You will find that our software is one of the most cost effective solutions available today.  With the short implementation time required to get Interactive Reporting up and running, deployment costs are kept to a minimum. All of this results in much quicker/higher Return on your Investment.