AMAS IT will manage your hosted services and cloud applications bringing them together into a single wide area network, protected from hackers and the damage from ransomware attacks. We are your outsourced IT department that lets the SME take advantage of the latest technology.

Hybrid is the new normal

SME’s now select more hosted servers and cloud applications as part of their network so the need to have these remote additions managed and made secure is vital.

These hybrid systems can offer advantages if implemented as part of a network design.  Remote hosted servers can be linked to the same active directory as your on-premise network to tighten WAN security, backups and recovery can be done on-site and via the cloud, additional resources can be added in minutes and paid for as you use them, while disaster recovery can be potentially more robust. 

AMAS IT will manage your hosted servers and administer them as part of your network infrastructure; maintaining all your resources, local and remote, in a single protected network.

Networks need support and protection

AMAS IT supports and maintains the vital infrastructure that ensures your business critical systems will run efficiently with minimal down time.  On-premise or remotely hosted, physical or virtual we maintain performance, protect your network and make sure that your systems are securely backed up.

Our network support team has a straight forward approach to service – take responsibility and get it fixed. Whether it is a hardware issue, a software fault, a cabling problem or something that falls somewhere in the middle of them all (or if your entire server has just been encrypted by ransomware) we will deal with it – the buck stops with us.

Azure Transparent

Making the cloud safe

Cloud Servers are just as vulnerable to Ransomware

Hosted servers may be operating within a virtual wrapper but they are equally vulnerable to ransomware attack. Once infected you will still need to recover these servers, restore data and do so with the added challenge of cloud only backups.  AMAS IT manages your cloud and hosted resources; we make sure you have data to restore and restore your network with minimal down time. 

High speed fibre and local support! Fully Managed

Your network is only as good as your external data bandwidth; speed and reliability are vital, particularly when you are using cloud applications or hosted servers as part of your network.

AMAS IT will ensure you are getting the best speeds available and should a fault occur we will deal with it for you; not an overseas call centre in sight.

Disaster Recovery from a Ransomware Attack ...

Ransomware has rapidly climbed the priority ladder for IT support companies. We seem to spend as much of our time dealing with ransomware attacks than with component failures and network management.  Since the hackers discovered how to extort money from their skills it has just mushroomed. Our Disaster Recovery documentation now includes specific defence strategies for recovery after a ransomware attack.

AMAS IT offers a full range of hardware and infrastructure services. We have supplied HP ProLiant servers for over 20 years and support the hardware of any manufacturer.
We specialise in bringing together cloud and on-premise resources into a single secure wide area network backed by a full set of managed data communications services.

IT Support Services in Scotland
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Hardware Logistics

Where our customers choose to purchased equipment from 3rd parties (for example Dell direct) our field engineers will un-box, install and configure your hardware onto the network, load your business applications and transfer any data required.

New Equipment?

ProLiant Servers, Workstations, Laptops, Switches ...

Although we support the equipment of any manufacturer we have supplied exclusively HP servers for over 20 years, giving us exceptional knowledge of HPE equipment.

Purchasing your equipment from AMAS IT is the easiest and safest way to make sure you get the right equipment, competitively priced, installed onto your network and optimised for your business applications, with exceptional on-going support.  When you buy hardware from us we take full responsibility for that equipment for its lifetime – so no more chasing warranty repairs.

Routers and Switches

Today’s hybrid networks are built on fast, reliable data communications. We not only maintain the routers and switches that connect your infrastructure, we investigate deterioration in service and optimise your bandwidth for your business critical applications.

Fibre and Broadband Services

As a part of the BT Wholesale Network we deal with any data connectivity issues directly, on your behalf, testing lines and even calling out Openreach service engineers if required. We are able to maintain your data connectivity better and you don’t need to talk to a call centre; when a problem arises we identify it and just deal with it, simple …