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A Scottish systems house for over 25 years

We have developed software and implemented accounting, ERP, CRM and business systems for over 25 years… and when you talk to us it shows. Whether we are implementing and supporting your business applications, managing your hosted and cloud resources or maintaining your on-premise infrastructure, there is no safer pair of hands.

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Cloud and Hosted Services

AMAS IT will manage your hosted services and cloud applications bringing them together into a single wide area network, protected from hackers and the damage from ransomware attacks. We are your outsourced IT department that lets the SME take advantage of the latest technology.

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Network and infrastructure
Network and Infrastructure

AMAS IT offers a full range of IT Support Services for both cloud management and on-premise hardware and infrastructure services. We have supplied HP ProLiant servers for over 25 years and support the hardware of any manufacturer.
We specialise in bringing together cloud and on-premise resources into a single secure wide area network backed by a full set of managed data communications services.

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Business Software
Business Software

For over 25 years AMAS IT has implemented accounting and ERP solutions into the SME market across a wide range of business types. We were the largest Sage mid-range Scottish developer for many years before changing our focus to the new .NET technologies. Today we supply and support a portfolio of software solutions based around Interprise Suite, an Integrated Accounting, CRM and ERP solution.

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Business Software
Support Services
IT Support Services

Very much the core of what we do at AMAS IT. Within this classification of support services we support both on-premise and hosted cloud resources, carry out applications training, offer consultancy that includes network design, create bespoke software and reports (printed and dashboard) and of course disaster recovery planning which is a speciality.

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IT Support Glasgow, Serving Scotland

Supporting On-Premise and Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid is the new normal

SME’s now select more hosted servers and cloud applications as part of their network so the need to have these remote additions managed and made secure is vital.

These hybrid systems can offer advantages if implemented as part of a network design.  Remote hosted servers can be linked to the same active directory as your on-premise network to tighten WAN security, backups and recovery can be done on-site and via the cloud, additional resources can be added in minutes and paid for as you use them, while disaster recovery can be potentially more robust. 

AMAS IT have provided IT support services for over 25 years.  We will manage your hosted servers and administer them as part of your network infrastructure; maintaining all your resources, local and remote, in a single protected network.

And since all hybrid systems need fast, reliable communications our support services not only include the maintenance of all your routers and switches, but we also optimise the bandwidth performance across your Wide Area Network and investigate any deterioration of service.

IT Support Services in Scotland

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IT Support Services Include

Web Services

From Hosting to Posting ...

Your web presence is often vital to your business. We offer a comprehensive range of web services, from something as simple as looking after your domain and making sure it’s safe to creating a beautiful web site and integrating your Magento or WooCommerce web shop into your accounting and ERP system using API’s. 

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Services Include

Business Software

Interprise Suite

Integrated Accounting, CRM and ERP

Using the latest .NET open architecture Interprise is powerful and flexible mid-range accounting and ERP solution with integrated CRM. It takes on the market leaders and provides much better value than Sage 200, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One or Opera 3.

Available as hosted cloud or on-premise, both options offer amazing value for money with a comprehensive range of standard modules and extensive range of optional plugin’s allowing Interprise to be easily tailored to any business sector.

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Integrate your web shop

Interprise comes with a full set of API’s that let you integrate your web shop in real time.  Magento web shop is integrated out of the box, with options to partly or wholly link to any e-commerce platform using the 3rd part API plugin.

Interactive Reporting

BI Dashboards and Reports

  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost

Starting from a single web page interface you can instantly analyse any aspect of your business in real-time, online from anywhere at anytime.

From a top-level summary you can drill down into the underlying detail, allowing you to better understand your business dynamics in order to increase efficiency, make timely and better decisions, all based on accurate information.

Interactive Reporting is a comprehensive web-based Business Intelligence (BI) solution encompassing dynamic multidimensional reporting, analytics, dashboards, charts and visualisations – in just a few clicks.

  • Create BI Dashboard and Reports
  • Analyse big data fast
  • Drill down to unlimited levels
  • Reads almost any data source
  • Fast to deploy, easy to use
  • Low cost with high ROI


Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

Every business produces documentation and as your business grows so does the demand to organise this. Today most documentation is electronic, but whether manual or paper based you should to be able to store, search and retrieve this from any location (even if you are on the other side of the world). Users need to be able to collaborate on documentation and older versions need to be kept (just in case). It must all happen quickly and every document needs to be in its original format (nobody wants an image of an excel spreadsheet, they want to be able to edit that spreadsheet.

When you combine all this with the ability to manage a workflow and add electronic stamps that update status then you have a document management system.

Then you have filestream ...

CES software

The ultimate EPOS software

CES is one of the longest established EPoS software providers; they have developed till software for a vast number of specialist businesses.

EPoS software for hospitality includes: fast food, fine dining, hotels, leisure centres, pizza chains, pubs and clubs.  EPoS software for retail includes: general retailers, charity shops, convenience stores, dry cleaners, off licences, and pharmacies.

CES is scalable allowing expansion from a single site to a chain of hundreds of sites allowing central analysis of data, pricing updates and so on, but with local resilience at network level and at individual till level.


The wide range of modules that can be plugged into the software redefines the meaning of bespoke. Designed and tailored to you and your business, exactly how you want it.

Microsoft Office 365

All your favourite office productivity tools

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Always up to date, on every device

office 365

When you purchase your office 365 subscription from AMAS IT you pay exactly the same as buying direct from Microsoft. That is where the similarities end.

Not for you the challenges of international call centres and never speaking with the same person twice. The team at AMAS IT will not only assist you in setting up any device, the same team based in Glasgow will manage your Office 365 subscription and be there to help you when you need us.

On-premise Exchange

For larger SME’s who need more flexibility or need to maintain internal control of their data AMAS IT support on-premise Exchange (as we have done from the very first versions of Exchange in the 1990’s). We can improve your Exchange resilience and recoverability to exceed hosted standards using on-premise or remote Database Availability Groups (DAG’s) planning, implementing and supporting their operation.

Consultancy and IT Support Services

Because kowledge matters

Our objective is to help the SME to use technology to benefit their business. We have been doing this for over 25 years and we are proud of the long term relationships with our customers. Our strategy is to find customers and to keep them; to do this we expect to offer a service that offers excellence as standard.

We have the advantage of experience and contacts in all sectors and industry types building a reputation for integrity and good quality advice.  Whatever your project or requirements we are always happy to chat …

  • Analysis and Design
  • Implementation and Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Apps Development and Customisation